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    I did not know about Jimmysnan being removed from SF, and then douchebag making a post to have a laugh at her expense.

    What’s even sadder is that Vid fell for this, hook line and sinker, and even after the truth comes out, she sides with them. I’m not angry with her for that, but I do feel sorry for her. Douchebag removed me off his blog, as if the hits would stop coming to the site, but they are still coming, and coming strong.

    And seeing as how I seemingly did a lot of dirty work, and hurt a lot of people in the process (whether they deserved to be called out or not), I owned up and apologized for it. Continuing to “expose” people would make me no better than that self-righteous windbag.

    And that’s the saddest part. It’s a GUY. That kind of dramallaming I would expect from a female, not a male!

  2. I’ve been a simmer for 6 years and 15 years on internet communities. I’ve stayed out of fights and although I’ve been a little hurt a couple of times, this takes the price.

    The Mares wrote that I and Earth Mama were “pissing in Minty’s lager” by recruiting Switch to Simpletons instead of Sims Forums. Meh, that wasn’t so bad. I was surprised and little disappointed by their reaction since they liked both me and Switch. I actually thought they would be happy to see her join the Sims community again. And Earth Mama sounded little negative in one or two of her posts on Sims Forums. No big deal any of it.

    I wanted to resign as moderator on Sims Forums and first stated that my reputation because of that above was the cause. It wasn’t accepted by WaffenThinMint, who said that we shouldn’t care about what an OUTSIDE blog has to say about us. I then had to say what the REAL reason was. I felt very uncomfortable to work under an admin who I suspected was one of the Mares, the person who wrote nasty things about members on “his” forum behind their backs. And now we have proof that my suspicions were right.

    Yes, I was boohoo-ing then. I cried for hours that night and tried to sleep the next day away. NOT for what was said on TMN but for having been betrayed by someone I thought was a friend.

    I’m not sad today. I know Minty wasn’t my friend at all. A two-faced liar can’t be my friend.

    TMN defended themselves against the accusations for what they had done to me by saying that they have been sooo nice to me in the past. Yes they have, and Minty has. I have no doubts that they liked me. I was like a poster girl for them for the last couple of years. And on Sims Forums Minty saw us two as a team. He posted this on Boolprop in December http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll287/cororon/mintyBoolprop.png

    Switch is one of TMN’s darlings so I have no doubt that Minty was disappointed when I recruited her to Simpletons instead of the forum he was on. He couldn’t say that on SF, of course, so he vented his feelings on his blog instead. There’s been lots of personal venting going on on TMN lately.

    The bashing of Omri for being jewish and insulting Pengy for her dyslexia, and that Omri became friends with Pengy only because she’s jewish (she isn’t), a big “screw you!” to Earth Mama, was just too much!

    WaffenThinMint likes books about Nazi Germany http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll287/cororon/minty4.png

    I think he has read this one too http://irvingbooks.com/xcart/images/P/MaresNest_215.jpg

    The Mares called us early members on Sims Forums “March Violets”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/March_Violets

    Waffen is german for weapon and there was a Waffen-SS. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waffen-ss

    He should have tried to save his forum (I think?) EVIL DICTATORS instead of Sims Forums and Jazz-Hands, where he also was a member. (How many are tired of hearing him talking crap about Aarin?) http://i291.photobucket.com/albums/ll287/cororon/minty3.png

    I did like TMN and Minty, but I hate drama and two-faced people, so they could have done a much better job. They started this mess and this is what happened. I don’t like being in the centre of this at all. I want to have fun with my simming buddies. =(

  3. The Mares have posted an apology and a sort of explanation, a sort of because they feel that they can’t tell us everything.

    They write: “But for the sake of a spat with us, one of their moderators may have blown all trust and perhaps friendships of years they’ve had with members of Sims Forums in the process. Was that really worth a few days of high drama with us for that? Suppose we ought to be flattered we meant that much – but we don’t, we find it sad. As we’ve said before, we are not worth falling out with your friends over – ever.” and they are talking about me.

    Stupid accusations. As a moderator I feel obligated to my forum to stop bad behaviour going on wheter it is a simple member or someone in the staff doing it. I confronted Minty with the information but he refused to give up and lied in my face. I went to Matt but the emails bounced, so it was impossible to establish a good contact with him.

    When you say “yes it’s true, Sims Forums administrator WaffenThinMint was involved with us.” I wonder what you mean by “was”? You say there are two of you left and the third one left last year. That means that Minty still is one of you, because he posted on your TMN blog this week and he certainly used the “Song Of A Dead Pest” member account on Sims Forums till the end, when it then was deleted.

    “Was that really worth a few days of high drama with us for that?” Meh, to be frank, this isn’t so much drama as you claim it to be. I’m very calm and just doing my job for justice, and the people around us, many of them your readers, are just reading and nodding or shaking their heads in front of their screens. “we are not worth falling out with your friends over – ever.” Well, the only friend I’ve lost is Minty. I have actually gained more friends because of this, and if some people I don’t know don’t like what I have done… Meh!

    • They are just trying to drag your name into the mud again, Cororon. I mean, how DARE you invite someone else to Simpletons! How DARE you do what they’ve rallied for for a long time! /sarcasm.

      They are happy to drag anyone’s personal information out there for the world to see, but the minute the personal info is theirs, it’s “that’s illegal, and you’re lucky we don’t press charges.” In which case, they are talking out of their ass. They don’t press charges because they can’t press charges. Not to mention that if you look at their FAQ, pretty much everything they have preached, they have broken. They were more than happy to expose anyone, or use their pets to do it, until it was them. And it becomes clear how quick they are to turn on anyone who dares to disagree with them. Like FuryRed, and like others in the past, and I feel like such an ass for defending them now. They didn’t deserve my defending them.

      In any case, they’ll keep posting and posting, and they’ll continuously do what they’ve always done, which is to just be a hypocritical and two-faced pain in the ass. Their (or his) mother(s) should have swallowed. Seriously.

  4. “Someone” with admin status on Sims Forums had edited Matt’s profile so he couldn’t receive emails. That’s why I couldn’t contact him.

    • And did you contact him in the end? Or do you want me to PM him and tell him everything?
      It’s seriously low what Minty did with Simsforums and how he’s abused his admin priviledges like that.

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